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Blueprint for a Slack-based development team reading list

6 February 2018 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Developers love to learn and read, and you can gain some real benefit by adding some tools and structure to help them share interesting articles both within the team, and on social networks.

The 3 P’s of the high performance software developer

26 January 2018 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
"Levelling up" a software developer isn't just about supporting technical development. You can increase a developers overall performance by fostering an understanding the "3 P's": pain (sales), price (budgets), and plumbing (infrastructure).

The power of banning the word "bug"

17 January 2018 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Software developers don't think twice about referring to "bugs", but customers don't care about what causes there issue. They just want their problem understood, and a solution put into place. Banning the word "bug" is a very powerful move.
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