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It's 2018, and it's time to use TypeScript

3 January 2018 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
TypeScript can have a profound, positive effect on making complex JavaScript codebases easier to maintain. You definitely should be using it, regardless of where you sit on the static vs dynamic-typing debate.

The tyranny of async/await

12 December 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
We're now taught to use async/await to create more responsive code, but the reality is that it creates fussy, messy, code bases, and delivers very little benefit.

Will we ever see anything like .NET again?

29 October 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
.NET was a huge engineering effort. But today, no vendor is attempting to build something anywhere near as ambitious in scope.

Run in the cloud? You should develop there too

21 September 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Why are developers using local machines for development? It's simple to run your development environments on hosted servers too.
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