Digital 247 Framework

When we talk to clients, one thing we often hear is considerable frustration about just how difficult it is to decide exactly how to go about building their software, along with how difficult it can be to ensure that the organisation is continually improving on its ability to deliver.

This is why we built the Digital 247 Framework. It's a measurable framework based on reflective-pratice that covers the gamut of digital system solutions topics. It comprises seven topics, which you can learn more about here, and we invite you to use the links below to complete an interactive benchmark, and download our 7,000 word quick start guide.


The Digital 247 Framework comprises seven topics. We believe that improving on each topic improves your ability to deliver digital system solutions.


Do team members a) have equality of opportunity, b) that teams represent the diversity of the customer-base, and c) differences are leveraged. Secondarily, this is about ensuring that IT is not "the tail wagging the dog" - i.e. that the customer is in the centre of things.

Safety and security

Is customer data thought of belonging to the customers, and is only in the organisation's hands for safekeeping. Secondarily, any novel data that the customer creates for itself is protected such to safeguard employees, and shareholders.

Practice and process

Does the organisation puts a process in place to deliver the organisation's objectives, and that the how that process is executed is reflected upon, and improvements ensue.


How does the the organisation goes about setting-out a broad design of software and systems architecture, and interactions.

Tools and languages

How does the organisation goes about choosing its toolchain. This topic also goes to how the organisation can enhance and innovate on that toolchain, perhaps putting those innovations back into the community.


How does the organisation gets its software into the hands of the customers.


How does the organisation can unlock the value within the data that it gathers.

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